In progress

I am working on this wall piece for an upcoming fundraising event at the Artisan Center of Virginia. The featured plant is Queen Ann's lace, a beautiful, lacy perennial, somewhat weedy for garden use but lovely for printing. I pick the seed pods in late August, and make them less three dimensional by pressing them for a day or two before they are used. For this piece the pods were printed in black on light gray linen, and combined with black and dark gray linen fabrics. I added pin tucks on the solid fabric strips to mimic the wiry stems.
Once the patch work front is sewn together with the vintage linen/hemp backing, the piece is turned and pressed.  This wall hanging is displayed hanging from a branch, with another branch at the bottom for added weight.  The final size is 13 x 26 and I am very pleased with how it turned out.

If you are interested in the event "An afternoon with artisans" you can contact the Artisan Center of Virginia, 1-877-508-6069, for more information. The event is scheduled for January 27, between 3 and 6, at the gallery in Waynesboro. The ticket price ranges from $100 - $500 for two persons, and all participants will bring home a lovingly created piece of art like this one.