modern fabrics

Ewa and James Powell has turned fabric recycling into a genius business model. The couple salvages discarded fabric remnants from furniture and upholstery industries and resells the high end fabrics to the public on their website Modern Fabrics. Not only do they keep these beautiful textiles out of the landfill, but they also enable artists, interior designers, and other creative people to buy them for a fraction of the original price. Above are examples of two fabrics that I have purchased. To the left is a wonderful wool fabric from Knoll, it is a lustrous shade of green and has fantastic drape. It is still on the roll waiting for the perfect purpose. To the right is an old office chair that we reupholstered in a striped green fabric made from recycled polyester – both durable and attractive.
Modern Fabrics is featured in the april/may issue of Ready Made magazine in a lovely article that applauds Ewa and James' efforts. Pick up a copy or check out Ready Made online for more information. Below are a few of my favorite fabrics currently for sale at Modern Fabrics.