weekly delights

Susan Benarcik
I love New York based artist Susan Benarcik's work! She reuses, recycles, and rearranges objects discarded by nature or humanity. Her wonderful installations, sculptures, photographs and designs raise an awareness and appreciation of our natural resources. Her solo exhibition Collected Response is currently on display at Maiden Lane Exhibition Space in New York (call 212.206.6061 for more information). She is will also participate in the Surtex show in New York on May 18-20, where she will exhibit new textiles and other surface designs.

The design and artist cooperative Trunkt is a wonderful resource for anything creative and hand made. Here you will find an array of amazing portfolios with links to the artists websites if you are in the mood for shopping...

Talented potter and ceramist Diana Fayt creates beautiful bowls, plates, mugs and other vessels out of stoneware clay. Visit her etsy shop and her lovely blog for more information.