life of privilege

Ever so often I stop to think about the life I lead. I am married to a lovely man, 22 years almost to the day. I think we are as much in love as the day we met, but more seriously now. We have two fantastic boys who continue to marvel me with their accomplishments, compassion, and  demeanors. We live in an old, quirky, but beautiful house, with a large garden. Several precious dogs and cats have come and gone, all of them endearing. I have the best extended family. My mother and sisters first and foremost, but I also adore my in-laws, niece, and nephews. Then there are my friends, always at the ready for a stroll, a run, a chat, a meal, or just to be. And lastly, I wake up every day knowing I get to do what I love the most - tinkering with fabric, plants, colors, patterns, and stitching. We have no big financial wealth, still I am living the most privileged life. It is a gift not to be taken for granted, and I am grateful.