unveiling the bundle

Eco printing is truly thrilling. Starting off with the hunt for the perfect plant materials. Sometimes they are found, discarded by wind storms, littering the street, sometimes they are carefully collected in my own yard, and sometimes they are trimmings generously donated by kind friends. The leaves are spread out on top of the strips of fabric, and my eager hands roll everything up as tight as possibly possible. Then an abundance of strings make sure everything is tight, secure, and ready for the pot. While the bundles are simmering a warm and wonderful aroma of heated vegetation fills the work space. It is a scent that is almost impossible to describe in words, it must be experienced. After lots of peaking, gentle poking, and patiently waiting for the brewing to finish up and the water to cool, the unveiling can begin... For me this is still true magic. I am easily amazed, even the slightest mark impresses me. And sometimes you achieve prints like the maples here that just leaves you with an open jaw and a fluttering heart. Enjoy.