weekly bundles no. 4

It is that time of year. Walnut husks are soaking and stewing to coax out their delicious brown color. A couple of dozens of green husks were left to soak for two days, and then boiled for two hours. Only linen and paper went into the pot this time, which means more mocha than dark chocolate hues. I tried a bit of shibori – soy beans wrapped and tied and some pulled running stitches. The fabric received two half-hour sessions in the dye pot, with alternating dips in the alum mordant solution. Then it was left in the dye overnight.

The paper, layered with rust colored dogwood leaves was folded and clamped between two wooden boards. They were left barely simmering in the pot for about 2 hours and then dried overnight. The marks from the leaves, and the dark edges from the dye is just magical. Sigh. I also love how the wood was stained by the walnut color.