weekly bundles

I am starting something new here to further my love of eco printing and dyeing. Once a week I will make a set of bundles or a natural dye bath, just to experiment and test my wings. I am not good at logging and scientifically charting my experiments, so by sharing them here as they happen I hope to have a record of sorts to refer back to. I also hope to link back to the bundle post once I finish a project that uses the dyed cloth. 

This week I collected peach and plum leaves from my garden, and picked up pecan leaflets left on the ground after our mild encounter with Irene. I threw some vitex, japanese maple, and walnut in the mix as well. I used regular (or in our case not so regular) tap water, and I put 2 small pieces of copper piping in the brew. The bundles simmered for about 1 hour, was left to cool in the bath overnight, and then laid on paper to drain. They were unveiled the following morning. The silk and wool prints turned out spectacular, the cellulose fabrics did not do so well.

pecan on linen

pecan on silk organza

pecan and walnut on wool

t-shirt overprinted with vitex

peach on silk