This is the season when freshness and hope inspire us. The promise of a new year lies ahead and it is easy to imagine all the wondrous things we can achieve if only there is will. I always get wrapped up in this sense of starting something anew, although I know that before soon more mundane and less glamorous tasks will take over. There is still much worth in dreaming, planning, and scheming.

I have spent much of my holiday break working on creative things not directly related to my work. I have been knitting (three different projects are underway...) and stitching clothing by hand (lucky to have received a Alabama Chanin DIY kit). I have also cooked, decorated the house, planned the spring garden, gone on numerous dog walks and spent time with my family. By now I feel relaxed and ready to go.

I mentioned before that I would like to keep the blog active and engaging. I will try to be here more often and with more direction. I am planning to show more of my work, both in progress and in finished form. I will definitely feature more book arts, both my own and others, and I will start a series of posts about clothing, how to make what we wear sustainable as well as stylish. For more frequent updates I still encourage you to visit my Facebook page, but I want the blog to continue to be a place for more in-depth reflections about my work, inspirations and things I care about.

I wish you the best for the upcoming year. May 2013 bring you happiness, peace, and plenty of creativity!