untidy work habits

Most people would probably guess that my work space and my studio is a wonder of order, calm, organization, and cleanliness. And although that is how I would prefer my surroundings, it is far from the reality. The truth is that I am a pretty messy person.

Part of the problem is that I rarely work on just one project at the time. More often than not I will get inspired to try something new, even if I already have two or three things in the works. And when I try something new, piles of fabrics are brought out, and then threads to match, and some plants, and a reference book or two... In addition to the creative process there are deadlines and other things that need to be accomplished, like mailing orders, finishing commissions, and book keeping. It is difficult to keep ones work environment tidy in these circumstances. So things stack up.

Despite all this, I love my studio. It is relatively small, and crowded. It is flooded with light from three large windows. It has some of my favorite pieces on display along with artwork by my boys, and mementos from friends. When I do keep things in check there is plenty of room to spread out and frequently my canine studio assistants will sprawl out on the floor. And then there is the lingering scent of eco dyed cloth and lavender that in my mind is irresistible.

Not neat nor orderly, not always clean, but still close to perfect.