flower power

Photos courtesy of Bornay © Bornay

Through the beautiful blog world I have discovered two remarkable floral designers. Both of them have their own distinct style, with simplistic design and striking color combinations as a common theme.

Fàtima, and her design company Bornay creates scrumptious arrangements and event concepts in Barcelona, Spain. The images she uses to promote her work, as sampled above, are equally delicious. They make me want to grab her bouquets by the armful and linger in their freshness and earthy scent. Unfortunately that is not possible for most of us, so I suggest following Fàtima's artistic endeavors through her blog.

Denise Fasanello is a floral designer from Brooklyn, New York, who specializes in wedding arrangements with a modern twist, beautifully illustrated below. Simplicity and unusual plant materials signifies her work. I would love to surround myself with her stylish compositions as well... Denise also has a wonderful blog, where she shares samples of her work mixded with her inspirations, finds, and musings.

Thank you Fàtima and Denise for brightening my life from afar...

Photos courtesy of Denise Fasanello © Denise Fasanello

spring unfurling

It is unseasonably chilly here in central Virginia, but somehow spring still makes its way. A buckeye sapling is unfurling its leaves and the crab apple in the far corner of our yard is in full bloom. The geraniums are leafing out (ready for printing yet again) and Trevor, the frog fountain, is waiting for action in his soapstone basin. The fruit trees are blooming as well, both plums and asian pears try hard to attract the honey bees... Thanks to all of you who visited the bloom show, in person or in spirit. The opening went well and the middle room in the gallery was bursting with lushness, flora, and fresh imagery. 

preparing for bloom

Things are really busy over here. I am getting ready for an upcoming show at The Barn Swallow called bloom. It is a collaborative event where several artists create objects inspired by the arrival of spring, blossoms, and sprouting growth. I am honored to be part of this endeavor, along with talented artists such as potter Janice Arone, jewelry designer Leslie Chisholm, photographer John Grant, and painter Leslie Banta. Now, as always when preparing for an event, I get wrapped up in an abundance of ideas and never quite know what the end result will be. This time I am trying some new things such as the linen roses above (inspired by a project on the wonderful Japanese fabric store Linnet's website) and another version of a fabric flower at the bottom of the post.
There will be several printed pieces represented as well, such as the nandina leaflet star flower created above, and a fun screen printed fiddlehead pattern shown below. Friday is my deadline, and I promise to show you the final objects as they take shape. In the meantime mark your calendars for the opening reception on April 5, from 1 - 3 pm. The show will run until the end of May, and I hope you'll have a chance to see it if you are in the Charlottesville, Virginia, area.