book covers

I had forgotten how much I love making these moleskine notebook covers. They are perfect for smaller pieces of fabrics, that may not find their way into larger art quilts or collages. This time I used eco prints as well as indigo dyed swatches, sometime adding stitch, sometimes leaving the print as is. The store is stocked with these books - with more to come.

I am also lining up some exciting events for this summer and fall. I am honored to be part of the group show rooted  at Lark & Key Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina in October and this summer my work will be on display in the gallery boutique at Kunstlåven in Seljord, Norway. A few other exhibits are in the works, so it looks like busy and happy times ahead.

book making

Maybe it is the small scale, the tactility of the handmade papers, or just the fact that I once again get to use my graphic design skills. I am obsessed with making small simple books using the multitude of eco prints I have achieved on paper for the past several months. The initial impressions lead to some research about the trees and plants, which lead to photo sessions to capture their leaves and flowers, and then finally some words. Just simple phrases, more like reflections. Naturally some fabric is incorporated as well, stitched in place.

Four books are completed so far. They have become starting points for a series of books celebrating native trees, and important garden plants in the region where I live. "Small book of Roses" and "Pecan book" are available here, if you are so inclined. More are in the works.


Two of my most admired holiday gifts may be regarded as symbols for the contradictory life I am leading.

I aim to simplify, slow things down, and un-clutter my existence. I sort through cupboards, clean out closets, trying to rid us of plastic junk and poorly made things. Mark and Sally Bailey's book The Hand Made Home, is a refreshing inspiration for pared down living. Pages of pages of beautiful images, ideas, and inspirational places. Here, you will not find television sets, computers, or advanced machinery. Everything is tactile and plain, patinated and charming. This is how I want my surroundings to be.

Enter my new iphone. Yes, the one who patiently answers your questions about weather conditions, and nearby grocery stores. I confess, I love this little device. It makes me feel contained and safe, in a different way. It holds the people I cherish, my endless to-do lists, my favorite music, and impromptu photos. It relays emails and messages, and keeps me connected, even when I am all alone. And she does talk.

I hope your holidays where wonderful. May 2012 bring joy, health, and peace. I wish your dreams come true, whatever they are. Happy new year!

ready for the tour

It will be a perfect weekend for this years Artisans Studio Tour. Thirtyfive talented artists will display their incredible work in 19 studios in Charlottesville and surrounding areas. I will be in studio no. 10 with my dear friend Mary Beth Bellah, and furniture maker Brian Rayner. I am excited about the new work I am bringing along. My first handmade books in the tree series are finished, inspired by my recent eco dyeing on paper. I will have new small wallhangings on display, as well as notebooks, pillows, linens, sachets, and much more. The studio is open from 10 - 5 both Saturday and Sunday. The weather is supposed to be glorious and I would love to see you there!

stitching slowly

Lots of time is spent stitching lately. Slowly, methodically, and deliberately. It is hard not to feel rushed with looming deadlines, but I am trying. Taking deep breaths, concentrating on the needle penetrating the cloth, creating lines and texture as we go. I am enamored with tone on tone stitching, without much contrast, except the sheen of the thread agains the matt linen.

I am featured in a new book called Mastering the art of fabric printing and design by Laurie Wisbrun. It is a great book that covers a wide range of techniques and aspects of textile design and printing, and it includes profiles and interviews with many wonderful textile makers from around the world. The first edition is released in the UK. The book will be available in the US in the spring under a slightly different title. I'll keep you posted.

special books

In the age of rampant electronic development, handmade books seem so contemplative, tactile, and necessary. I love handmade books and book artists (you know who you are; velma, lindsey, julia, and jean just to name a few). I have several lovingly created journals. They sit in a stack on my desk and I often leaf through them and touch their covers. None of them have been used by me. My scribbles and doodles doesn't seem worthy of their beauty. I am simply afraid to mess them up...

My fabric covered moleskine books were born from this fear. Somehow it seems less precious to write in a journal that can be replaced. I love making these covers, especially the eco dyed ones. Each of them becomes a small piece of art that can come along in my purse.

But now I am dreaming of making other books, more like the one we made in India's class this summer (pictured above). A book with surprises hidden among its pages; a pressed leaf, a charcoal rubbing, fabric pages, and small pockets. Maybe even a scribble or two...