blandy farm

We spent some time in this beautiful place last weekend. Our friends live right next door to Blandy Farm, the State Arboretum of Virginia. In addition to great companionship, and delicious food, we were introduced to a array of farm animals, historic buildings, and unusual trees and plants. The grove of ginkgo trees across the field from their house is most alluring. I hope to return soon.


I recall how blue the sky was that day. No clouds in sight. A pristine and beautiful morning, overshadowed by the disbelief and sorrow that followed. My heart still aches. I grieve for the victims, their families, and friends, but also for how this act of violence altered all of us. How it instilled fear and suspicion. How it reduced our tolerance. How it changed our country.

american citizen

This morning I was sworn in as a naturalized American citizen at the federal court house in downtown Charlottesville. After living in this beautiful country for 20 years I am so proud and happy to finally call myself an American. I am especially eager to participate in the political process, and the first thing I did as a new citizen was to register to vote. Now I will truly have a chance to help change our country and our future.