shop talk

After much thought and consideration I have finally decided to put my etsy shop on hold. Etsy is still a wonderful place to look for and find amazing hand crafted goods, but the market has grown too big for my preference. So from now on my work will be sold exclusively in my big cartel store. The big cartel venue feels more intimate and I love the way I am able to customize the look and feel of the store front.

The store offers many of the same items previously found on etsy, but the focus will be on one-of-a-kind naturally dyed and eco printed pieces. Popular items like kitchen towels and sachets are still listed, and I am adding a line of hand printed and hand bound books, as well as eco printed and leaf printed  pillow cases. Smaller art quilts and textile collages are also offered. My larger wall pieces are featured on my website, and they are also on display in my studio at Chroma Projects should you be visiting Charlottesville. 

Since I first started this creative business, I have approached even the smallest projects or objects as pieces of art. Sachets and large art quilts alike are all created with the uttermost consideration, care, and quality, and somehow I also hope they reflect the joy I feel making them. I invite you to skip over to the store to browse and discover.


So many possibilities, not enough hours in the day. This time the weekly bundle did not happen. I was on the go all week filling orders, tying up loose ends, and preparing for things to come. Well even the best of intentions...

I did get my etsy shop back up. I am trying to list more one-of-a-kind eco dyed and eco printed work. Many of my popular pieces, such as the sachets and towels are still there, but there will be some transitions. I love this time of year. The air is crisp, and the colors are vivid. Hope the week is off to a good start for you too.

random ramblings

The past two weeks have gone by in a blur as I finished up a large order for Terrain. Even though I am excited about the work and love how everything turned out, it was an enormous undertaking for me, and it left me feeling a bit guilty for abandoning other aspects of my life.

In the meantime I realized that over 5000 kind individuals now favor my shop on etsy. No. 5000 was MonkiVintage, which is a great little vintage store with beautiful well priced items, stunningly photographed. 5000 is a big number. Thanks to all of you!

large metal L, from MonkiVintage

Lastly, I have a blogger question. Everyday I run across new wonderful blogs, and I have a long list of old time favorites, but I have yet to come up with a good way to keep up with everyone. I know I can seek out blogs I follow through my dashboard, but it still requires logging in and I just don't do it often enough. Do you have ideas for how to easily get updated when there are new posts on your favorite blogs?

I wish everyone a wonderful week ahead!

natural beauty

February Visit, polymer gravure solar plate printed on artist-made paper with chine collè. © 88editions. all rights reserved.

Every once in a while you come across art that just simply takes your breath away. These beautiful prints from 88editions are solar plate etchings where the artist's photographic images, pressed plants, and other items are positioned on the plate which is exposed in the sun. The artist's handmade paper adds another dimension to the prints. I find the result hauntingly beautiful. I love the texture, the layered effects, and the muted colors. These prints are all available, along with several others, in the 88editions etsy shop

Winter Walk: Lyric, polymer gravure solar plate printed on artist-made paper. © 88editions. all rights reserved.

Moonrise Charmed Medow at Dusk, polymer gravure solar plate printed on artist-made paper with monotyping. © 88editions. all rights reserved.

Branch Silhouette, polymer gravure solar plate printed on artist-made paper. © 88editions. all rights reserved.

Seed Head: Dill, polymer gravure solar plate printed on artist-made paper. © 88editions. all rights reserved.

international fame – part two

I am normally don't like tooting my own horn, but I have to let you know of another international publication featuring my work. Chinese Kaka Life, a craft and do-it-yourself magazine, published an interview with me and several photos of my work. I am grateful to Antonia Chan, who wrote the article and invited me to partake. Now if I only had brushed up on my Chinese...

My recent eco-prints have been incorporated into some new pieces, currently listed in the etsy shop. I am intrigued by the beauty of the prints, and love how they immediately become focal points, enhancing the plain unbleached linen fabric they were combined with.

new work

Another week just swished by. A lot of things were accomplished, including stocking the etsy shop with new work. More production is in store, as I am preparing for some exciting fall events including gallery 45 and craft + design, two fun shows in Richmond, Virginia. I am also gearing up for the Artisans Studio Tour in November, were local artists open their studio doors to showcase their work, give demonstrations, and share delicious food. Busy but fun times ahead.

under cover

These reusable moleskin notebook covers are new in the etsy store. They are made from handprinted linen, some remnants from the past, some newly printed scrap pieces. They are lined with vintage cotton, and the notebook inserts can easily be replaced once they are filled up with sketches, ideas, or happy scribbles. Some of the books have already been snatched up, but there are a few left here.

I will take some time off, to make a last college visit with my oldest son, before the May 1 deadline. Stressful, but good times ahead.

knitted beauties

I love to trade with other artists. Recently dear Elena of Tickled Pink Knits and I exchanged treasures, and this is what I received – a super soft alpaca scarf in a beautiful bluish green shade, and a generously sized shawl in a deep brown, wool/alpaca blend. I know that the chilly season is coming to an end, but I will carefully stow these beauties away, layered with some lavender sachets, until the first crisp fall evenings return. Can't wait to wrap myself up. Thank you Elena!

just words

I have some technical problems with my photo managing software (I still love you, sweet mac...), so this will be my first post without pictures. Much is going on over here, worthy of sharing.

I've introduced a weekly shop update in the etsy store. Every Tuesday morning, I will list a handful of new handcrafted pieces. Most of them will be one-of-a-kinds, and most of them are truly new, not re-lists. Check in tomorrow for this weeks goodies.

I am happily experimenting with soy milk mordants, and natural plant dyeing per Ms. India's inspiration. I am amazed by the beautiful, subtle colors I have achieved so far. This is what I meant to post about, so look for more once the photo issue is resolved.

Lastly, we are taking off for Toronto next week. Can't wait to see this beautiful city, taste its foods, stroll by the waters edge, and visit with friends!


remnant |ˈremnənt|
a small remaining quantity of something.
• a piece of cloth or carpeting left when the greater part has been used or sold.
• a surviving trace : a remnant of the past.

When I cleaned out the studio recently I was amazed to discover how much wonderful stuff I had stowed away. Ever since I launched inleaf, some six or seven years ago, I have accumulated an array of fabrics, notions, and threads. Much of it still waiting for a purpose and a plan. I have saved the tiniest scraps and the ugliest dye samplers, always thinking it may be of use some day. I have boxes of rejected leaf prints. Things that did not work for its intended purpose, for one reason or another. Most of them are lovely and deserves a better destiny. Some will be incorporated into art quilts or fiber collages. Some are becoming beautiful objects in their own right. I have enjoyed the process of planning the perfect use for a particular print, and spending time and effort into making it special. Here are a few pieces that will be listed on the website and in the etsy shop this week. More will come, salvaging discarded beauties is a new mission.

rumination and dreams, part 2

This morning I sent out a short email to the storeowners I have worked with over the past years, telling them that I will no longer do wholesale. It was a rational decision, made after much consideration, and I know it is the best choice for me personally. But it was a hard thing to do. Many of them have become friends, some are disappointed, and I feel like I am letting them down...

Giving up the wholesale accounts is just one of several small changes I am making this year. From now on I will sell my work almost exclusively in the etsy shop. Etsy has been a wonderful experience for me and the artists and customers I have met there have enriched my life. I will be able to concentrate all my production and marketing in one place, instead of stocking and promoting several sites. The etsy shop also allows me to offer one-of-a-kind objects, like the big heart pillow above, while maintaining my original line.

Which leads me to the main reason for all this reshuffling and reorganizing. What I really want to focus on are my larger art pieces, quilts, and textile collages. I love using fabric as my canvas, incorporating printing, dyeing, stitching, and vintage into the mix. I am still learning, and I am not sure if my work is that good yet. But it is evolving and it makes my heart sing... My main web site is now devoted to the art quilts, and I hope that will help attract interest from gallery owners, buyers and collectors.

Only time will tell if my strategy will work. If not there is always room for more change, and new dreams and aspirations...

rumination and dreams, part 1

I am surely not alone spending these quiet days after the holidays thinking about life, aspirations, and dreams. I still have lots of immediate work to do - preparing for two upcoming group shows with Fiber Transformed, finishing up the end-of-year book keeping, and readying the online shop for a hopefully busy spring. Yet there is a subtle restlessness setting in, with an urge to clarify an spell out what I want to achieve this upcoming year.

I am 48 years old, with one son ready to leave the nest and the other one well on his way on the slippery road of teenagehood. For the last couple of years I am pursuing my art full time, which makes me feel privileged and lucky. But the truth is that I still work way to much, often on things that I don't feel that passionate about, and that my house, garden, pets, and sometimes my family suffer because of it. Also, despite the long hours, I am nowhere near making a substantial contribution to our family finances. My business is self sustained, but there is not much else to spread around.

In an ideal world I would be in my studio from 9 - 3 every day, delving into one creative project after another. Buyers would be ready to snatch up my work as soon as it was finished, and pay me handsomely for it... The rest of my days would be spent with my boys, cooking scrumptious meals, cleaning, weeding, and organizing my linen closet... My weekends would be devoted to family time, long walks, and dinner with friends.

To off-set this unrealistic vision, I am working on some baby steps that hopefully will bring me a bit closer to a meaningful, productive and more prosperous existence, such as less wholesale orders, gallery representation for my art, more and better marketing, and hired help. Details to come...

The images are from my studio – where happiness continue to happen. Best wishes for the new year. Happy new decade!

thousands of hearts

Early this morning I discovered that my etsy shop now has recevied over 3000 hearts! I am thrilled and flattered that so many visitors have decided to make my little etsy corner a favorite. A big thanks to all of you! The most resent heart came from 13 threads in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am so glad she found me, because I have now discovered her expertly made and stunning dresses, robes, and tops. I have already made several of them favorites of my own.

fresh stationery

Inleaf's business correspondence has a new look this spring thanks to sweet Martina of  blossom stamps  who transformed some of my leaf prints into beautiful polymer stamps. The intricate details of the prints are well preserved and the tiny type on the address stamp prints crisp and clear. I am inspired and can imagine more of my imagery transfered onto tags, note cards, and stickers. 

There are still a few days left to enter the give-away. The drawing will happen Monday morning. I am grateful for all the nice comments you have left so far.

tea towels

Etsy celebrates tea towels this week. Elizabeth from flyingrhymes initiated and wrote this wonderful article for the etsy blog storque. My work is featured along with many inspired and beautiful towels from other etsy artists. Here are just a few of my favorites.

all mine

I recently discovered book artist Jean Potter's work on etsy's front page. I fell in love with her work and especially this little book, which is actually two books bound into one, called dos-a-dos. One side is a screen printed weekly planner, the other is a blank journal. The book is beautifully made, with unique papers, decorative details, and impeccable craftsmanship. And it is only 3.5" x 5", small enough to come along wherever I go... You can find similar books and many other beautiful pieces in Jean's etsy shop TheAyBeeCees.

A special thank you to Julia for featuring my self portrait on red otter yesterday, and to Carolyn for writing so beautifully about my sachets on serendipity & spark today. I am thrilled and honored!


Zip purses, cozy pillows, colorful sachets, and a pretty tote. Most of today was spent photographing, editing, and posting new work to the etsy store. It is always satisfying to have fresh inventory to share, especially since my regular website is in a limbo due to a major reconstruction. I am also busy preparing for a couple of upcoming events and some exciting business and creative changes here at inleaf. I promise to divulge details soon...

etsy love

Just a few lovely things I recently discovered on etsy.

1. liberty vintage wallpaper lamp shade by drawflowers
3. large moonscape felt cushion by modernwool
4. blue and brown plaid bias skirt by sohomode

Thank you to pia for featuring my japanese maple bag. This week is all yellow over at her wonderful blog, and I am grateful to be included. Many thanks also to Beth over at Sew, Mama, Sew! who included my geranium sachets in their holiday gift extravaganza. I feel honored.