rushing and running

My life is mostly a blur these days. Much to do, so little time. Running over here then dashing over there. And the to-do-list is growing miles long. Here is a sample in no particular order: caring for a feverish boy, filling post-thanksgiving orders, setting up the studio for first friday, book keeping, continue the page design for our family history book project, vet visit, making inventory for craftacular the weekend after next, cleaning the shower (yes, it is really needed), finding a wholesale source for moleskine books, buying more thread, sending baby gifts to the Martz twins, dinner for tonight (and tomorrow), finish Jane's pillow. Well it goes on.

So I decided to take a break and took my camera out in the garden, looking for the little things and the big, wanting a different perspective. This is what I found. Beauty all around.

last rose of the season

forgotten string in the kitchen garden

everlasting beech leaves

vivd color – osage orange

vivid color – burning bush

the oak tree reminding me about what's next

buds holding the secret of spring

ready for the tour

It will be a perfect weekend for this years Artisans Studio Tour. Thirtyfive talented artists will display their incredible work in 19 studios in Charlottesville and surrounding areas. I will be in studio no. 10 with my dear friend Mary Beth Bellah, and furniture maker Brian Rayner. I am excited about the new work I am bringing along. My first handmade books in the tree series are finished, inspired by my recent eco dyeing on paper. I will have new small wallhangings on display, as well as notebooks, pillows, linens, sachets, and much more. The studio is open from 10 - 5 both Saturday and Sunday. The weather is supposed to be glorious and I would love to see you there!


So many possibilities, not enough hours in the day. This time the weekly bundle did not happen. I was on the go all week filling orders, tying up loose ends, and preparing for things to come. Well even the best of intentions...

I did get my etsy shop back up. I am trying to list more one-of-a-kind eco dyed and eco printed work. Many of my popular pieces, such as the sachets and towels are still there, but there will be some transitions. I love this time of year. The air is crisp, and the colors are vivid. Hope the week is off to a good start for you too.

signs of fall and a worldwide band of stitchers

These choral red spider lilies are popping up all over my ruefully neglected garden. I love their determination and grace. Their annual appearance is the first sign that fall will actually happen again this year. The stifling heat is giving away to cooler days, which brings energy and ambition. My dreams and plans are always most plentiful this time of year.  There are so many things I want to take on. The front garden needs a total rework and a new stone walk, the home office needs repainting, and my head is spinning with work ideas...

I am starting off by joining India Flint's global sewing circle. Each participant will find a simple pre-used textile, that will be renewed and embellished with patching, mending, and stitching. Progress will be chronicled and shared on the blog, and sometime next year there will be an opportunity for the participants to meet up with India for a few days of dyeing, sharing, and celebrating. Several locations around the world will be selected for these events. This wonderful project will evolve over time, but the general idea is to enjoy the art of sewing, preserving, gathering, and dreaming, while sharing ideas and experiences with friends. Novices and experts alike are invited to join. For more detailed information check out India's project description. I encourage you to sign up!

Stitching and mending images courtesy of India Flint.

happy all hallows' even

Halloween is around the corner. None of my big boys will be out there tricking or being treated. We are focusing on decorations, and stocking up on candy for all those scary little creatures who are planning to come by our house. Have a fun, fright filled weekend.

lovely leaves and cat sickness

The leaves are coming down in droves here in our little town. They pile up everywhere. I love this season and I am even looking forward to some leaf raking. On a sad note, our 19 year old kitty is ailing. She has received a grim cancer diagnosis and we now nurture her along day by day. I usually don't let our pets into my studio, but have made an exception for her lately. She just wants to be nearby, ands sleeps quietly most of the time. Having animals is sometimes nothing but heartache and sorrow...

apple pickin' fun

We spent this brilliant fall morning picking apples on Carter's mountain. The whole family joined in – wee ones, grand parents, and some reluctant teenagers too...

leaves, leaves, everywhere

Autumn used to be my favorite season. I still love the cool weather, crisp air, and the bright colors, but this time of year is also a source of panic for me. The fresh leaves I use for printing are rapidly dwindling, and I scurry around collecting as many of them as I possibly can. There are bowls and platters with water submerged fronds, leaves and seed pods everywhere in my house. After soaking I pack them up between moist paper towels in zip-lock bags and stack them in the refridgerator. If I am lucky they will stay fresh for another 3 - 4 weeks, extending my precious printing season a while longer. I admit that there is a bit of grumbling from other family members around here, when the plant packages exceed the amount of food in the fridge...

fall pillows

The weather is getting cooler in my part of the world. I am always looking forward to fall, with its crisp air and beautiful colors. The next few months will be busy in the inleaf studio. I have three big events lined up, starting with a solo show at the Barn Swallow in October. More details will be posted shortly. In the meantime new work is gradually listed in the inleaf shop. The seedpods + seams pillow is now available in natural linen and dark brown, as well as the original sea foam blue. I love the texture of the linen used for this pillow and the way the pin tuck seams mirrors the stems of the seedpods.

A warm thank you to Sandra of Pepperberry & Co who posted a long interview with me today. There is a giveaway as well, so I encourage you to head over for a visit.

happy halloween

For the first time in many years, I will not walk the streets with my children this halloween. My youngest is almost 13 and decided last minute, that trick-or-treating just is not for him anymore... He went out in style last year dressed up as Mr. Bean. A brilliant costume, but unfortunately a bit too sophisticated for the audience, many were unaware of the British comedy character so popular in our house.  So this year we are instead happily decorating our yard with creepy creatures and gleeful pumpkins, and we are planning to hand out scary goodies to hordes of other young trick-or-treaters. 

I did not intend to be away from the blog for almost two weeks. My sincere apologies. The schedule is looking better now, and I have much to share, so posts will be more frequent in the next few weeks.