southern living fame

My dog, Inleaf, and me are all featured in the May issue of Southern Living. The article is written by Tom Black and beautifully illustrated by Cary Jobe's photography. I am thrilled and grateful for the publicity! Thank you.


The new inleaf site is live. I am so pleased. It is simple and nice to look at, but the true beauty lies in the functional and easy to use the back-end. I could not have pulled this off without my friend and web master Matt Mitchell. He has implemented my every whim and request, while patiently guiding me through the ins and outs of web programming. Thank you Matt!

We are off on our much anticipated New York trip this week. Thanks to all of you who left wonderful  suggestions about places, people, and things to see and do. Our travels will be richer because of you. I may fit in a post sometime during the week, but if not I promise to provide a plentitude of images and impressions when I return.   

fresh stationery

Inleaf's business correspondence has a new look this spring thanks to sweet Martina of  blossom stamps  who transformed some of my leaf prints into beautiful polymer stamps. The intricate details of the prints are well preserved and the tiny type on the address stamp prints crisp and clear. I am inspired and can imagine more of my imagery transfered onto tags, note cards, and stickers. 

There are still a few days left to enter the give-away. The drawing will happen Monday morning. I am grateful for all the nice comments you have left so far.

random delights

Back in the ambitious days I thought I could do one post a week featuring a few of the many people, places, and objects that delight my heart. Reality caught up with me, and therefor my reoccurring collection of inspirations now have a new name; random delights. They may still happen weekly, but the pressure is off...

Washington based graphic designer Saima Says specializes in exquisite custom invitations for weddings, baby arrivals, and other joyous events. Her designs are modern, elegant, and playful, while reflecting the style and personality of the people the special celebration is for.
Surface designer, screen printer, and embroidery whiz alison tauber is one of my etsy favorites. Her reasonably priced objects are both pretty and functional and her designs are simple yet fun and colorful. Her etsy shop is always well stocked – I have been wearing this t-shirt all summer long. You can find her lovely fabric patterns and beautiful custom pillows on her website.

This freshly founded website is a destination that looks and feel unlike any other web retailer or blog. It is a place for stylish green shopping and beautiful design, but also for eco-friendly ideas, information, and sharing. You will find work from independent artists such as dovetail, studio 1am, and inleaf along  with well known brand names like eva solo, amenity, and thomas paul. The site also feature articles like the one about an organic school lunch project in Chicago, a new electric motorcycle, and do good resources.  

inleaf on craft synergy

I am thrilled to be part of Patricia Zapata's interview series on craft synergy this week. Through thoughtful question and answers craft synergy feature artists and artisans while showcasing their work.  It is an honor to be in such talented company as Michelle Engel Bencsko of Cicada Studio, Erin Lang Norris of Yellow Canoe, Lisa Solomon, and many more. Make sure to visit Patricia's other blog a little hut where she highlights her own beautiful work and artistic reflections.

pillow talk

The pillows for Juno & Jove are out the door, waiting for the friendly ups driver to take them on their journey south. They turned out great. All of them are stuffed with my new organic wool inserts from Holy Lamb Organics, which are incredible soft and cushy while holding their shape nicely. The photos show a small, but representative part of the order prior to shipment. I look forward to collaborating with Juno & Jove and I appreciate their effort to combine the importance of people, planet, and craftsmanship.

way behind

Yet again I got caught up in the busyness of life. School is nearing an end which means graduation ceremonies, music auditions, soccer parties, end-of-semester projects, and exams. Most of which I did not personally partake in, but sometimes having the supporting role is just as engaging and time consuming. I have also worked on several retail orders which is always fun and rewarding. Shipment has gone out to shops like ink & peat in Portland, Oregon, field in Larchmont, New York, Eco-Artware, Washington, DC, and La Vie En Rose, Norwalk, Connecticut. This week I am finishing up a large pillow order for Juno & Jove in Sarasota, Florida. Needless to say my garden is badly neglected. Luckily it still looks green and and relatively happy. My evening stroll amongst the lushness left me most satisfied.
Hydrangeas and parsley in bloom.

Asian pears and roses.

Chard and allium.

broad appetit revisited

Here are the photos from last weekend. I didn't capture much of the food scene (besides me stuffing my face) or the street party, or the bad weather... Looking back it seems like we had a splendid time. Thank you Jenny for lending me your loyal mannequin. 

more pillows

new pillows soon to be added to the store and etsy. The japanese maple applique pillows will be available in two sizes and two colors. The fern & fold pillows are printed on natural linen featuring fun pin tucks. All my pillows come with a choice of organic wool insert (incredibly soft) or traditional feather/down insert (nice and pliable.)

My etsy shop

I am happy to announce that my etsy shop is open. Etsy is a great community of artists, crafters, creative entrepreneurs, and admirers of anything handmade. Etsy will help me showcase my work while my friend Matt and I are working on a major web revamp of the inleaf site. Etsy has thousands of members who create and sell wonderful objects that are far away from the mainstream. Here are a few of my own favorites: