Love is best when dispersed frequently and freely. I am back from an amazing (and love filled) weekend in New York City. Photos, and other impressions soon to come. I dropped off some work at Trunk, a wonderful artist owned shop and gallery in Brooklyn. Make sure to visits if you are in the area. Happy valentines day!


For my lovely husband's recent birthday I bought him a pair of willies. The jeans arrived bundled in craft paper and tied with ribbons made of denim remnants. They are dark blue, slightly rigid to the touch, with simple and subtle design details. Thanks to great communication and customer service, the fit of the jeans was perfect. The care instructions are clear and straight forward – wear often, wash not so often...

I have long admired Nashville based imogene + willie (I have featured them here before).  The clothing company is the brain child of Carrie and Matt Eddmenson, located in an old gas station where their beautiful pieces are created on site, utilizing American made materials as well as local talent and craftsmanship. I am hoping to visit in person on my way to Shakerag this summer. My mind is set on a pair of imogenes...

hard to resist

Even though I am in the midst of this big production crunch, I took some time off this weekend for a dye pot experiment. Since fresh leaves are so scarce now I wanted to try to create a resist print using leaflets from the evergreen nandina shrub (thank you India for the suggestion). For the dye color I mixed hibiscus tea and red onion skins, fully expecting a wine color, or pale maroon. Instead I got the most beautiful dark brown color, especially on the wool fabric (below). I love surprises.

I had mixed results with the resist prints. It worked well on the fabric near the surface, but I realized that I don't know how to get the dye color to penetrate the bundles to create the contrast deeper inside... But that is what I love about this process — there is always something new to learn, and frequently the  results are still quite magical. In this case I was amazed by the deep color, and the soft suggestions of the leaves. And those string marks are pretty cool. Happy valentines day everyone. Spread the love...

san francisco

We are heading out for a mini vacation next week. San Francisco is our destination and I can't wait. I am looking forward to scrumptious meals, long walks, and time alone with my man. I am also planning to meet up with some dear friends, see some great art, and do some fun shopping. Please tell me about your favorite San Francisco haunts – galleries, coffee shops, fabric stores, gardens? I am ready for adventure...

wishing for peace and simplicity

All I want for 2011 is a more simple life. I wish to pare down and live uncluttered and sparse. I want my children to always be happy, and love to be easy and pure. I want open spaces and fresh air, home cooked meals, friendship, and laughter. I want to create my art for the pleasure of making. I wish for no more wants, or musts, or needs.

But life is never that uncomplicated. Cars break down, the milk runs out, and there is always dust bunnies in the corners. And then even worse – someone you love gets sick, the teenager rebels, and passions become lost among demands.

I promise to try. Try to slow down, reach out, and care more about things that really matter. I will share my abundance, and open my heart, and find that simplicity from within.

Thank you for being here, sharing your thoughts, and for your support! I hope the new year brings peace, happiness, health, and much creativity to all of you!

pippi the puppy

Let me introduce our new family member, Pippi. We found her at our local SPCA, or she found us... Pippi is sweet, curious, and cuddly - a dog with a good disposition. Being only 8 weeks old she is leaving a constant trail of pee puddles, and she is driving our older dog mad with her energetic affection. Her breath still smells like milk and the streak of white on her nose is adorable. She is named after the heroine Pippi Longstocking, from the Swedish Children's books, because she is brave and has white socks on each of her paws. Puppy love is a simple pleasure in the midst of a complicated world.

gift of gardening

I am spending this mother's day weekend in the garden. It is a gift of sorts from my family, who has promised to take care of more trivial things while I putz around in the dirt. The garden is the main inspiration for my work and life. Things seems so simple when studying earthworms or sniffing peonies. If you like, visit my garden blog for more musings. Happy mother's day to all wonderful creative and caring mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, grandmothers, and mothers-to-be!

hearts for haiti

Oh' Suzannah, one of my absolute favorite Charlottesville shops, is making a contribution to help the Haitian earthquake victims, by selling these precious hand felted hearts. Suzannah, the owner, and her crafter friends have made dozens of them in a collaborate effort to reach out and help Haitians in need. By buying one or two, you can make a contribution as well. The hearts sell for $10 - 20 and all proceeds from the sales will go towards the relief and rebuilding effort in Haiti. I can't imagine a better valentine token.


My lovely husband and I are supposed to arrive here tomorrow night, for a short, but much needed getaway. Considering that Charlottesville is buried in snow, with more to come today, chances that we actually will get to Sanibel island, at least on time, are slim. But in my imagination I am already lounging in a deck chair overlooking the beach, sipping a glass of wine and lovingly holding my man's hand...

20 years

20 years ago we got married in a small fishermen's chapel on the coast of Gotland surrounded by cows and our immediate family. So much love then and now. Happy anniversary my lovely husband!