unveiling the bundle

Eco printing is truly thrilling. Starting off with the hunt for the perfect plant materials. Sometimes they are found, discarded by wind storms, littering the street, sometimes they are carefully collected in my own yard, and sometimes they are trimmings generously donated by kind friends. The leaves are spread out on top of the strips of fabric, and my eager hands roll everything up as tight as possibly possible. Then an abundance of strings make sure everything is tight, secure, and ready for the pot. While the bundles are simmering a warm and wonderful aroma of heated vegetation fills the work space. It is a scent that is almost impossible to describe in words, it must be experienced. After lots of peaking, gentle poking, and patiently waiting for the brewing to finish up and the water to cool, the unveiling can begin... For me this is still true magic. I am easily amazed, even the slightest mark impresses me. And sometimes you achieve prints like the maples here that just leaves you with an open jaw and a fluttering heart. Enjoy.

chroma projects

This past week was spent  cleaning, painting, and furnishing my new studio/gallery space at Chroma Projects downtown Charlottesville. I am proud and excited to be part of this vibrant art gallery and its community of artists. Initially I will primarily use this space to show my current work and to meet prospective customers. Eventually I am hoping to create a working studio or at least a sacred place where I can quietly think up new ideas, away from the demands and distractions of my home studio.

I will be in place for First Friday, Charlottesville's gallery opening night, on May 6 from 5 - 8, and I would love to see you! The main gallery will show beautiful drawings by Beverly Ress,  paintings by Paula Christman, and the black box will feature the film The Alexander Veil by Lydia Moyer.

On a different note, my friend Lily pruned her Japanese maple tree this weekend. Guess who received the trimmings? I see a big dye pot brewing in the near future...

maple magic

Do you remember my friend Lily's Japanese maple tree, and the beautiful prints made from its fresh summer leaves? Well Lily's maple continue to marvel. This time of year the leaves are turning a spectacular shade of red, slowly letting go, dancing towards the ground. Thankfully I gathered a few bagfulls of these treasures for some happy dye pot experiments. I am enthralled with the results.

The cotton tunic started out ia drab, uncomplimentary beige color. Now it is covered in blue, green, and gold maple leaf imprints. I can't wait to wear it with my favorite pair of jeans! The eco-prints on silk are equally amazing. I especially love the effect on the thin organza, shown at the top of this post. A mere whisper of impressions, still clear and powerful held up against a white background. Magical.