paper work

I printed these small card stock pieces a long time ago, always knowing that I wanted to present them in a three dimensional way somehow. I finally decided to mount them using small brass tacks on foam core. What amazes me the most about leaf printing is the variations you get from each impression, even when you use the same leaf for each print. I think it is really emphasized when grouped together this way.

We are getting ready for some exciting travels this summer. First a quick trip to the beach and then we are off to Sweden. I can't wait to see my family and friends again. I will keep up the blog throughout the summer, hopefully introducing you to some fun Scandinavian finds, but the inleaf shop as well as the etsy store will be closed while I am gone. So if there is anything you fancy, now would be a good time to buy...

moths and lilies

As this happy weekend near and end want to share some treats from my garden. The gigantic brown moths (I actually think that's what they are called) were clinging to our climbing rose early one morning. Their pattern and delicate detailing are just magnificent. The common daylily is in full bloom right now. Each dawn a new bud unfolds just to end its glorious life span by dusk. And the next day there is another ready to steal the limelight.