international fame – part two

I am normally don't like tooting my own horn, but I have to let you know of another international publication featuring my work. Chinese Kaka Life, a craft and do-it-yourself magazine, published an interview with me and several photos of my work. I am grateful to Antonia Chan, who wrote the article and invited me to partake. Now if I only had brushed up on my Chinese...

My recent eco-prints have been incorporated into some new pieces, currently listed in the etsy shop. I am intrigued by the beauty of the prints, and love how they immediately become focal points, enhancing the plain unbleached linen fabric they were combined with.

touched creatively

Jodi Ulschmid, a talented artist and graphic designer is launching touched creatively, a beautiful magazine, website, and blog. The purpose is to promote artists and their handmade work to a larger audience while forming connections and networks among the artists themselves. The publication is beautifully designed, and I am delighted to be included in the inaugural issue, which will be available this Friday, May 29, on the website. A copy of the printed issue is $6.29, and a download version is available for $1.89. I encourage you to support Jodi's endeavor by visiting the website and spreading the word. If you are an artist and interested in being featured in an upcoming issue you can contact Jodi to submit.

southern living fame

My dog, Inleaf, and me are all featured in the May issue of Southern Living. The article is written by Tom Black and beautifully illustrated by Cary Jobe's photography. I am thrilled and grateful for the publicity! Thank you.