shop talk

After much thought and consideration I have finally decided to put my etsy shop on hold. Etsy is still a wonderful place to look for and find amazing hand crafted goods, but the market has grown too big for my preference. So from now on my work will be sold exclusively in my big cartel store. The big cartel venue feels more intimate and I love the way I am able to customize the look and feel of the store front.

The store offers many of the same items previously found on etsy, but the focus will be on one-of-a-kind naturally dyed and eco printed pieces. Popular items like kitchen towels and sachets are still listed, and I am adding a line of hand printed and hand bound books, as well as eco printed and leaf printed  pillow cases. Smaller art quilts and textile collages are also offered. My larger wall pieces are featured on my website, and they are also on display in my studio at Chroma Projects should you be visiting Charlottesville. 

Since I first started this creative business, I have approached even the smallest projects or objects as pieces of art. Sachets and large art quilts alike are all created with the uttermost consideration, care, and quality, and somehow I also hope they reflect the joy I feel making them. I invite you to skip over to the store to browse and discover.


For my lovely husband's recent birthday I bought him a pair of willies. The jeans arrived bundled in craft paper and tied with ribbons made of denim remnants. They are dark blue, slightly rigid to the touch, with simple and subtle design details. Thanks to great communication and customer service, the fit of the jeans was perfect. The care instructions are clear and straight forward – wear often, wash not so often...

I have long admired Nashville based imogene + willie (I have featured them here before).  The clothing company is the brain child of Carrie and Matt Eddmenson, located in an old gas station where their beautiful pieces are created on site, utilizing American made materials as well as local talent and craftsmanship. I am hoping to visit in person on my way to Shakerag this summer. My mind is set on a pair of imogenes...

imogene + willie

If it was not so far, I would take my lovely husband by the hand jump in the car and head over to imogene + willie. We would get there in time for some shopping, and I would finally find that perfect pair of jeans I have been searching for. Then we would stay for supper and song by the bonfire in the back yard, hanging out with other imogene + willie friends and Lalai the lab.

Imogene + willie is a boutique/design studio/manufacturing center housed in an old gas station in Nashville, TN. The company was founded by husband and wife team Matt and Carrie Eddmenson, who after working for years developing denim wear for big brand names wanted to branch out on their own. Imogene + willie is a unique concept where creativity, craftsmanship, and authenticity is flourishing under one roof. Person to person interaction is at the core of their business model, as is utilizing local talent for production, marketing, and photo shoots. The store is filled with their jeans, dresses, and t-shirts, mixed in with vintage finds and other expertly crafted goods. If you can't make it to Nashville I encourage you to visit their website (don't miss the fantastic introductory video by John Moessner), browse their look book, or contact them to find out how to get your hands on those perfect cuffed jeans.

loam, new preston, ct

I have written before about my ongoing conflict with wholesale orders and the complexity of re-selling and mass producing handmade goods. My doubts are always diminished when I connect with a store owner who is brimming of enthusiasm for her shop, its mission, and the objects that are sold within. Beth Fowler in New Preston, Connecticut is definitely that kind of person.

Beth opened her store Loam just a few weeks ago as an endeavor to pursue her passions for the environment, treasure hunting, decorating, and social responsibility. She wants to make choosing fair trade, small artisans, organic, and recycled or vintage goods as common as buying mass produced. She wants everyone to know the story behind what they buy, and who a purchase is feeding or supporting. She offers an intriguing mix of handmade goods, art, fair trade objects, and vintage treasures. Art shows will be a regular feature and throughout the year she will highlight, contribute, and bring awareness to a variety of charitable causes. I am proud to be included in Beth's new venture. Loam is a destination, so if you are in or near New Preston, Connecticut, please stop by for a visit. Loam, 13 E. Shore Road, New Preston, CT 06777, 860 619 0707.

pillow talk

The pillows for Juno & Jove are out the door, waiting for the friendly ups driver to take them on their journey south. They turned out great. All of them are stuffed with my new organic wool inserts from Holy Lamb Organics, which are incredible soft and cushy while holding their shape nicely. The photos show a small, but representative part of the order prior to shipment. I look forward to collaborating with Juno & Jove and I appreciate their effort to combine the importance of people, planet, and craftsmanship.

way behind

Yet again I got caught up in the busyness of life. School is nearing an end which means graduation ceremonies, music auditions, soccer parties, end-of-semester projects, and exams. Most of which I did not personally partake in, but sometimes having the supporting role is just as engaging and time consuming. I have also worked on several retail orders which is always fun and rewarding. Shipment has gone out to shops like ink & peat in Portland, Oregon, field in Larchmont, New York, Eco-Artware, Washington, DC, and La Vie En Rose, Norwalk, Connecticut. This week I am finishing up a large pillow order for Juno & Jove in Sarasota, Florida. Needless to say my garden is badly neglected. Luckily it still looks green and and relatively happy. My evening stroll amongst the lushness left me most satisfied.
Hydrangeas and parsley in bloom.

Asian pears and roses.

Chard and allium.