celebrating 100

100 posts an counting... I am still amazed how this blog is thriving, how much joy it brings me, and how it encourages me to think, discover, and see things differently. Most of all I am grateful that it has led me to kindred spirits all over the world, like Isabelle, Julia, Tyler, Colleen, Sharon, Cindy, Molly, Hannah, and many, many more. To celebrate the occasion and to give thanks, I will send an inleaf care package to one of you. It includes a fern sachet, stamped gift tags, and a $20 gift certificate to my etsy shop. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post sometime this week. I'll draw one of your names next Monday.

A few more things. This Friday, March 13, we will be at shecky's girls night out in New York. Regretfully, I will not be there in person, but my goods will. If you are planning to attend this fun event, make sure to find the show:room table, where our group of emerging eco-friendly designers will offer up work at discounted prices. Inleaf will also be represented at the Nature Conservancy's Young Professionals Group's annual benefit at the Bowery Hotel in New York, on Thursday, March 19. One of my pillows is included in the evening's silent auction, among many other wonderful objects and services. A great opportunity to do good for the environment, while getting something fun in return. 


This weekend I received this beautiful leaf garland in the mail from Isabelle of Lou & Tom. Her generous gift is now hanging by the window in my studio, slowly twirling, reminding me of kindred creative spirits and friendship. Thank you Isabelle! I am also grateful for Mrs. French's wonderful post about my work this past week on bliss. So thankful my friend.

sunday wander

A few snapshots from today's neighborhood walk. Starting with my friend, NiNi Baeckstrom's whimsical sculptures outside McGuffey Art center.

The sparkling winter jasmine, always eager to flower despite cold and grayness.

One of my favorite neighborhood houses – an arts and crafts style bungalow, restored to its full former glory.

His and hers vespa – I imagine... Have a happy week.

sweet collaboration

Tyler of periwinklebloom is one of my dearest blogging friends. Her shop and the toddler clothes she designs are just divine, and her blog is always both thoughtful and thought provoking. When Tyler suggested that we collaborate on one of her spring garments, I immediately said yes. She sent me a boxful of beautiful vintage French linen and I used the most delicate fern fronds I could find for the prints. The stack then went back to Tyler for construction and the result is this sweet halter top. I am thrilled. It's an honor to have my work presented in such stunning way. Make sure to check out the other pieces in periwinklebloom's spring line, such as the cool trunks and the mangle dress pictured below. Thank you Tyler, for including me in this process.

puppy love

... a dog can never tell you what she knows from the
smell of the world, but you know, watching her, that you know
almost nothing...
— Mary Oliver
from the poem "her grave"

I love our two dogs.  Freja, the labrador, steals food, doesn't come when called, and can't walk properly on a leash. Kajsa, the hound mix, is terrified of everything, especially fireworks, thunder, and hot air balloons. With all their faults, there is something honest and unconditional about dogs, their devotion, endearment, and companionship. I can't imagine life without them. Charlottesville is covered in ice and snow today. School is closed and we are all, including the pups, setting up camp in front of the wood stove. Lovely...

art journey with misty mawn

My friend Misty Mawn is spearheading 31 days of art journaling on her wonderful blog. She will feature a new journal entry daily through-out the month of January. Sometimes her posts are accompanied by her magical photography, some days she will include a tutorial or creative idea, and then there is the music, and the poetry... I encourage you to follow her journey — it will awaken your senses and leave you with something new to admire every day.

Several other artists are joining Misty by posting their own daily art journals. You can find links to all of them here, and if  you like you can join the fun...

wedding favors

One of my favorite projects during these past weeks were the clutches I made for my friend Lynn, as gifts to the bridal party at her daughter Lauren's wedding this weekend. I had never tried to make framed purses before, but got inspired by red ruby rose's beautiful creations on etsy. They are leaf printed on organic hemp, and lined with vintage cotton. The sewing part was easy, at least compared to the trickery and patience it took to attach the purse to the frames. I do have it down by now, at least I think so... It is always fun to explore something new, and I am pleased with the final result.  Lauren and her soon to be husband Lincoln are renowned wedding photographers in Portland, Oregon. They are getting married this evening, among friends and family. I know it it will be a beautiful event and I wish them the best of luck and all the happiness that married life brings.

pure bliss

My wonderful blogger friend Mrs. French recently opened her shop blissfulimages on etsy where her magical photographic prints are available for sale. All of you who visit her inspiring blog bliss  are already familiar with her amazing images. They capture mystical light, subtle reflections, and glimmers of muted colors. They also evoke a peaceful sense of being in the moment. The photograph above, skeletons, will be mine. I am clearing a spot in my studio where it will hang as a source of inspiration and as a symbol of artistic beauty and friendship. 


Periwinklebloom is one of my favorite blogs. I love the way Tyler writes about simple but wondrous things in life while stressing the importance of caring for the world we live in, and each other. Now she has launched an online shop where she sells her beautiful eco-friendly, locally made children's wares. The clothing is exquisite and the site photography, by Greg Rannells, is breath taking.
Many of us grownups wish that some of these garments were available in different sizes, like a maybe a 10... But for now, if you have a toddler somewhere in your midst, I recommend scooping up some of these goodies. A letter press paper line is in the works as well. I can't wait to see this endeavor take off and flourish. 


Thank you to Colleen at dizzydezign, for honoring me with the "your cover's blown" blog award. I am flattered and it also made me discover dizzydezign's blog about her fantastic work and life in beautiful Hermanus, South Africa! 

I would love to pass this award on. According to the "your cover's blown" rules I must name a few bloggers who then can continue sending the love by 1. awarding other bloggers on their blog and 2. linking back to this blog in the process.

So here we go. Here are a few of my current favorites:

random delights

Dutch graphic designer Karin's wonderful etsy shop stiksel is brimming with alluring objects such as the upcycled canvas postal bag complete with original printing and straps and the gocco printed patchwork patch that can be used to fix that favorite well worn pair of blue jeans as well as for pure adornment, anywhere. You will also find fun luggage tags, travel pouches, and wallets. Make sure to visit Karin's blog to learn more about her creative life in Rotterdam.

if you like mid-century modern scandinavian furniture my friends dorthe and pelle ekelin's swedish company moderna möbelklassiker should be your destination. Their carefully selected pieces are available through their website, where you also can find images of pelle's vast plastic furniture collection. I know the dollar is low, these rarities are quite pricey, and then there is the freight... but lusting for beauty is always free and allowed.

metalsmith julie schumaker hand crafts her jewelry in her Manhattan, Montana studio. Sterling silver is soldered, engraved, hammered, twisted, brushed, and finally embellished with freshwarer pearls, recycled glass, petrified wood or precious stones. The result is a collection of simple, organic, and very elegant rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. These masterpieces are available through sterling jules website and you can also find Julie's work at The Barn Swallow.

blog friendships

50 posts later. I started this blog at the beginning of the year, ambivalent about its purpose and destination. I was hoping to subtly generate interest for my work, to explain my process, and show off unusual pieces.  The personal stuff, which terrified me at first, has crept in here and there. I also found that I love to share discoveries of beautiful things and talented people. 

What I did not anticipate or expect was the friendship that evolved with other bloggers. We never met in person, or chatted on the phone. Instead we have communicated through comments, emails, and by reading about each others work, struggles, delights, and adventures. It is a special kind of friendship, unassuming and generous, spanning vast geographical areas. If we really got together over coffee or wine there is a chance the conversation would grow dull, but I sincerely doubt it...

I commemorate my 50th post by celebrating these friends, whom I would never have "met" if I had not started this endeavor, and all of whom are wonderful writers, photographers, artists, and inspirations. Thank you Julia, Mrs. FrenchMarie Louise,  Tyler,  Tracey, Patricia, and everybody else who have stopped by to visit these past months. You warm my heart!