botanical contact printing

(also called eco-printing) is a method where the leaves are positioned on fabric or paper, clamped or rolled tightly, and then processed in simmering water. The impressions left on the materials are from the pigments released by the leaf. This unique printing technique was explored and developed by my teacher and mentor, Australian artist India Flint.

natural dyeing

is a process where leaves, flowers, and other plant materials are used as the color source in the dye bath. A variety of natural mordants can be used to treat the fabric to ensure color fastness.

leaf printing

is a technique in which fresh leaves and other plant materials are used as printing plates. The leaf is coated with paint and then pressed onto the fabric. The resulting impression is an intricate copy of the original leaf.


 The dream of my life

 Is to lie down

 by a slow river

 And stare at the

 light in the trees—

 To learn something 

 by being nothing

 A little while

 but the rich 

 Lens of attention.

Entering the Kingdom
by Mary Oliver